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56.SYSTEMY ALARMU POZAROWEGO SAP W HALACH MAGAZYNOWCYH-1267099105.jpg_alpha-0_cr-wp_1746x6

Fire Alarm

These services are rendered by an experienced body of engineers. Our Engineers utilize the latest National and International Standards.

_0.079472001666161999-اضافة هذه الصورة في صفحة fire fighting بدل من الصورة الصغيرة المتواج
  • Light Current Systems

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Burglar Alarm System

  • Access Control System

  • Closed Circuit TV System (CCTV)

  • Car Parking System

  • Gate Barrier System

  • Time Attendance System

  • Telephone System

  • Data Communication Network System

  • Audio/video Intercom system

  • SMATV system

  • BMS Building Management System

  • Central Clock System

  • Queuing System

  • Price Reader

  • POS Point of Sale System

  • Nurse Call System

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